Gift in your Will

Leaving a gift in your Will can be a powerful statement about how you feel about your community. It can also have a long-lasting impact on the community now and for generations to come.

A gift in your Will to Crows Nest Centre will help secure the provision of vital services to those in need in our local community.

As our population grows, so does the need for services and activities to assist older people, people with a disability, migrants, parents and people who are homeless or at risk.

Your gift may take the form of:

  • the whole or residue of your estate
  • a percentage of your estate
  • a specific amount of money
  • a life insurance or superannuation policy
  • assets such as shares, property, works of art, jewellery
  • an investment in perpetuity.

Contributing to your community

No matter the type or size of your gift, you will be making a meaningful and lasting contribution to the health and wellbeing of your local community.

If you are updating your Will please think of the Crows Nest Centre.

For more information or to discuss options, please call the Crows Nest Centre’s Executive Officer on 9439 5122. If you need an interpreter phone TIS 131 450.