Rivers: The lifeblood of Australia

FREE talk with North Sydney Council historian and author, Ian Hoskins

Friday 30 April, 10.30-11.30am

Givers of life and subjects of anguish, Australian rivers have shaped the nation from the moment the first Australians arrived tens of thousands of years ago.

Offering the vital ingredient for life, they are also guardians of culture, a means of transportation, sites for play and leisure, and sources of power ­– deeply entrenched in almost every aspect of human life and an irreplaceable part of the global ecosystem.

Join North Sydney Council historian and author, Ian Hoskins, who will talk about his book Rivers: The lifeblood of Australia, covering our complex connections to water across some of Australia’s most well-known, loved, engineered and fought over rivers.

Commissioned by the National Library of Australia, Ian flew and drove across the nation in an attempt to understand the significance of rivers to the ecology and people of the driest inhabited continent on earth.

Ian will illustrate his talk with photographs taken during his visit to rivers from the Kimberley to Marlo where the Snowy River flows into the sea.

A passionate historian, curator and author, Ian researches and interprets the local area and leads walks around it. His book, Sydney Harbour: A history, won the Queensland Premier’s Literary Prize for History in 2010.

Venue: Pat Brunton Room

Cost: Free

Bookings: Call Valerie Willemsen on 9437 7502 or email communitysupport@crowsnestcentre.org.au

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