Remember when North Sydney had trams? – Come along to our free talk

Friday 25 September, 10.30 – 11.30am

Ron Besdansky, Crows Nest Centre volunteer, lifelong tram and train enthusiast

There was a time when trams were a common sight on the north shore.

Remember when you could travel anywhere on the tram network for just one shilling?

How did the network operate? How did the trams intertwine with the trains? And what led to the demise of this much loved form of public transport?

Join us for this fascinating look back at a time when trams were an essential part of the North Sydney public transport network.

Relive the past with a trip down memory lane. You may even have your own story to share.

Venue: Pat Brunton Room

Cost: Free

Bookings: Call Valerie Willemsen on 9437 7502 or email