Bingo and trivia

Walking past the Crows Nest Centre, you hear: “3 … monkey on the tree!” Should you duck for cover?

Don’t worry. It’s bingo and trivia host Olga Telepova, calling the numbers for an enthusiastic audience competing in the Centre’s latest addition to its social activities program.

Join us every Tuesday for a morning of amusement and entertainment. Olga keeps things lively with constant banter, quips and anecdotes. “I’m always looking for something new to spice up the activity.”

Olga makes it educational too. “Number 10, uncle Ben. Did you know there are 10 trillion living cells in the human body?”

Bingo is easy to play. Simply mark off the numbers on your card and when the card is full, call out bingo!

Just make sure you fill out your card properly, or you may end up doing the ‘chicken dance’ with Olga.

Following bingo, take on the challenge of a fun and lively session of trivia.

Bingo and trivia runs from 10.30 to 12 noon. We offer complementary tea and coffee and chocolates for the winners.

After the games, enjoy a tasty and nutritious lunch at the Crows Nest Centre community restaurant. Our menu includes delicious soups, main meals and desserts.

For more information about bingo and trivia, call the Crows Nest Centre on 9439 5122 or enquire online. If you need an interpreter phone TIS 131 450.

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Bingo and trivia


10.30am – 12pm

Pat Brunton Room

Crows Nest Centre

Cost: Free