Stack your tiles! Come and play mahjong – the Chinese game of skill, strategy, calculation and luck.

Developed by the Qing dynasty (1644-1912), mahjong has become increasingly popular in Australia and world-wide since the early 20th century.

If you enjoy playing mahjong, come and join our vibrant and social group of intermediate mahjong players at the Crows Nest Centre.

Show off your skills

We take to the mahjong boards every Thursday over complementary tea and coffee. Show off your skills, indulge in some good-natured banter and make new friends.

After an invigorating game of mahjong, you may also be tempted by a tasty and nutritious lunch at the Crows Nest Centre community restaurant. Our menu includes delicious soups, main meals and desserts.

So why not take up our mahjong challenge and bring your winning strategies and tactics to the table.

For more information about mahjong, call the Crows Nest Centre on 9439 5122 or enquire online. If you need an interpreter phone TIS 131 450.

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10am – 2pm

Pat Brunton Room

Crows Nest Centre

Cost: Free