About us

Since 1987, the Crows Nest Centre has supported the residents of Crows Nest and surrounding areas with in-home and centre-based services.

Located in the heart of Crows Nest’s shopping precinct, we are not-for-profit organisation and a registered charity.

Our services and activities assist older people, people with a disability, migrants, parents and people who are homeless or at risk.

Our specialist staff and more than 200 enthusiastic volunteers are dedicated to providing quality services that connect our community, sustain community wellbeing and reduce social isolation.

We are supported by Commonwealth, State and Local Government, as well as local schools, churches, businesses, service clubs, individuals and other agencies. The Centre operates under a Joint Plan of Management with North Sydney Council.

Development in the Crows Nest/St Leonards area is resulting in rapid growth. Over the next 20 years, the local population is expected to increase by more than 50%.

With a growing population comes increasing demand for our services, so we need your support. If you would like to give back to the Crows Nest community, there are many ways you can help.

Find out more here or give us a call on 9439 5122.

North Sydney Community Service Ltd, trading as Crows Nest Centre, is a not-for-profit company and registered charity.

ABN: 83 002 567 875