Personalised care and commitment to our clients and the local community are what makes the team at the Crows Nest Centre special. There’s nothing more rewarding than a smile or thank you from someone who has had a ‘good day’ at the Centre or with one of our in-home services.

Denise Ward
Executive Officer
Sue Lloyd
Accounts Manager
Melanie Corner
Volunteer/Special Projects Coordinator
Amy Budden
Food Services Manager
Sam Quayle
Food Services Assistant
Paul Buhne
Kitchen Hand
Valerie Willemsen
Community Support Manager
Olga Telepova
Social Support Coordinator
Penny How
Linen Coordinator
Jessica Batchelor
Administration Assistant
Graham O’Hearn
Venue Coordinator
Fred Dafforn
Venue Supervisor
Bruce Sweeting
Venue Supervisor
Andrew Lang
Venue Supervisor
Joe von Bornemann
Venue Supervisor