Judith’s window art draws in local community

29 October 2021

Cremorne resident and Crows Nest Centre client, Judith Klein, has used the COVID lockdown as a challenge, rekindling her interest in painting and in the process putting a smile on many local faces.

Judith’s ‘COVID project’ has attracted the interest of dozens of her neighbours and other locals on their daily walks around Cremorne Point.

Her love of the area motivated her to do some sketching, which then inspired her to “dig out the old watercolours” and start to paint.

“The beauty of the old buildings and gardens in the area makes my soul sing,” Judith explains in a notice welcoming people to her ‘exhibition’ of watercolours. “They became a record of my life here. A comfort for me if I ever had to leave.”

Because of COVID limitations, showing her work indoors was out of the question, so Judith’s daughter Melissa suggested asking the owner of an apartment at the front of the block whether she would consent to using her window to display the paintings, which she was delighted to do.

Judith left paper, pens and a comment box (plus hand sanitiser) near the window and invited people to write comments. In just one weekend, visitors left more than 150 comments, all positive.

Neighbour and journalist, Jacqui Taffel, was so impressed, she took some photographs and submitted Judith’s story to the Greater Good newsletter (published by the Sydney Morning Herald), who included it as part of a ‘What’s good in your world’ article.

Judith, who turned 77 as her exhibition came to life, described it as an “unusual and happy experience”.


Judith’s gallery

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