My Steven Bradbury moment

Melanie Corner, Volunteer and Special Projects Coordinator

As a child, I hit my peak of sporting achievements at the age of 4 at my school’s sports day. It is an early, but still vivid memory.

After the tense excitement of the three-legged race and the relay, we finally came to my personal favourite, the skipping race.

Only three of us were game enough to give it a go and I flew down the track.

I was very conscious of my competitors next to me, but I pulled ahead and crossed the finish line first.

I was elated to have out-skipped everyone, only to turn around and see everyone else tangled in their ropes and fallen halfway through. Very Steven Bradbury.

Ah well, I still got my gold star.

It may even have been at the same sports day when my friend, Alison, and I were racing against each other.

Alison’s mother couldn’t attend so my mother, being extra supportive, was cheering us both on. Alison stopped running to see who had shouted her name …. and I won!

My mother promises the sabotage wasn’t deliberate.